bryony knight


Bryony Knight (b. 1995) is a full time professional Artist, based in North Norfolk where she specialises in Oil Painting and also experiments with Spray Paint, Oil Pastels & Bars in her work. Her work is inspired by the North Norfolk coastline, towns and woodlands where she lives, and enjoys using colour as a way to bring vibrancy to her landscapes.

Bryony's work has been featured in an international TV series by Apple TV, as well as national interior design publications. 


She has always loved to paint, and became the UK’s only Oil Painting Apprentice by Martin Kinnear in 2016, during which she was fully submerged into traditional Oil painting techniques and studio craft for over 5 years. She then went on to become Studio Manager at the UK’s leading Oil Painting School, The Norfolk Painting School. 

Bryony now offers painting tuition for workshops, small groups and 1-1 private tuition. Get in touch to enquire about painting tuition. 


To find out more or get in touch with Bryony about Studio Visits or exhibition opportunities, please contact: