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Latest work directly from the studio!

Currently Bryony is starting a new body of work, painting scenes and landscapes surrounding the North Norfolk coastline.

Bryony Knight
'The Coast Road Home' 12 x 16" , oil
Bryony Knight
'Looking out to Sea, Holkham' 12 x 16" , oil
Bryony Knight
'Summertime in the Village' 20 x 24" , oil
Bryony Knight
'Track to the Farmhouse' 12 x 16", oil

2020 -2021 


 Bryony has been working on paintings inspired by her woodland wedding in May 2021. With the hazy memories, and atmospheric photos of that day, she is compiling a collection of paintings inspired by the blissful feeling of being under the woodland canopy, with twinkly lights and the sounds of swaying trees.

Bryony Knight_edited.jpg
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